Kyle Pettit

Her eyes

Kyle Pettit
Her eyes


I looked deep into her eyes and saw something past the bit of brown in the green that glimmered when any light came near it. I saw something more than just beauty that I could stare at forever.

I saw us.

I saw us smiling wider than we are now.

I saw a girl beautiful and sweet.

I saw a girl that I loved even though I barely knew you.

I saw you dancing to Dave Barnes songs by the lake under the glow of a setting sun.

I saw you storming off to your room after one of our fights.

I saw you your head buried in my chest when your father died.

I saw us running off to Paris on a long weekend.

I saw us forever.

I saw our two kids growing up as we stood and watched.

I saw a strong young girl with wavy black hair, a snapshot of the girl I fell in love with.

I saw a young boy with a smile that rivaled yours.



I saw what I wanted to see. Then I saw the reflection of my own eyes as the screen went dark.



I unlocked my phone  again.


I saw the guy that looked at you the way I looked at you.

Only this time he saw the look I always wanted to see.  


I still look into the bit of brown in those green eyes that glimmered when any light came near it. Only now her eyes are found behind a screen.