Kyle Pettit

Years Ago

Kyle Pettit
Years Ago

They were deeply in love. 

He had to leave. A new job awaited him in the city and she was still in school.

He said they could do long distance. It would be fine.

But as the days turned into weeks and the weeks into months, the love they shared dwindled. Frustration set in. After only a few months of being apart, a phone call that ended in yelling proved to be their last. 

Again, the days turned into weeks and then weeks into months. But they could never forget about each other. They would lay awake at night remembering the laughs that they shared. Each would think "Are they thinking of me?" But both would always convince themselves that the other had moved on. 

Years went by. They both dated other people but couldn't stop comparing the new relationships to the love they shared years ago.

One day he was passing through the town where he knew she was living and in a moment of weakness he stopped at her house. 

He sat there, parked, in front of the house. Waiting. Thinking. 

He couldn't do it. 

She would never want to see me again. She's moved on. 

As he moved his key to the ignition he shouted "no." he dropped the key to the ground, opened the car door and walked up the sidewalk toward her house.

He stood there staring at the oak door. 

Time moved slowly as he knocked. His heart beat. He didn't even know what he would say.

She opened the door. She was as beautiful as the last time he saw her. They both just stood there, not saying a word. Both of their eyes filled with tears.

"I shouldn't have come." He said as a tear rolled down his face.

Her kiss told him he was wrong, He should have come years ago. 




*photo by delfaukazoo