Kyle Pettit

The Blind Date

Kyle Pettit
The Blind Date

“You can do this.” He said to himself as he looked at his own eyes in the fold-down car mirror.

It’d been over a year since he had gone on a date. But under the counsel of his friends he decided to get out there again.

A friend of a friend decided she knew THE perfect person for him and told him to pick her up at 7pm sharp. She was very punctual.

“Just be yourself, and be chivalrous.” He repeated the advice his old pops always told him growing up.

After probably one spray too many of the old bottle of cologne he had in his car he mustered the courage to get out of the car.

The walk to her door felt like a mile.

His heart began to beat fast as his fingers reached for the doorbell.

Immediately after the bell finished ringing, the door swung open.

“Hi” he said

“Hi!” she replied.

“You look stunning.”

“Thank you.”

“Well are you ready?”

“I am, where are we going?”

“It’s a surprise, I’ll lead you there!”

He took her hand and walked her to the car. She thought this was a little weird, but also thought how sweet this was. Not many guys would do that.

He opened her door, helped her in and shut it behind her. He jog-walked around the front of the car and hopped in.

“Have you had a nice day?” he asked

“I have, it’s been pleasant,” she responded

There were a few moments of silence.

“I should have turned on music when I first got in, is it too late? Would she think I didn’t want to talk? Is this going well or am I blowing it?” He overthought to himself

“We are almost there, it’s just past the next light,” he said “I hope you like Italian food!”

“Italian in my favorite!”

He knew that, that was the one tip he got from the friend that set him up.

He slowed the car as he turned into the parking lot. The lot was full, but luckily right as they pulled in a car was pulling out.

They pulled in and shut off the engine. He raced out of his seat and around the car to her door, so that before she could even unbuckle her seatbelt he was already opening her car door. He insisted on taking her hand and leading her to the door of the restaurant.

She thought this was a bit strange but she noticed he was wearing a pair of boots that had some wear on them and thought that he must have just learned “southern boy manners” from his mother.

The waiter promptly seated them as they had reservations that they were five minutes late on.

Still holding her hand, he led her to the table and pulled out her seat for her.

“I’ve never meet someone so chivalrous,” she said joyfully

He laughed a little nervously.

“I’m so glad you picked Italian, I have been craving ravioli for weeks!” she said.

“If you like ravioli then you have to get their four cheese ravioli! It’s incredible.”

“Upon your recommendation I will, I won’t even look at the menu.”

“Haha,” he nervously chuckled again not knowing if he was allowed to laugh at that.

They had a wonderful conversation about a whole array of topics after the waiter had brought out bread and water.

Once the conversation had died down a bit, he thought this might be the best time to ask her the question that had been on his mind all night.

They smiled.

She thought how nice his eyes looked.

 And in the middle of bites of bread he asked,


“So how long have you been blind?”





*Photo by Mitchell Meeker