Kyle Pettit

I have to go to the moon today...

Kyle Pettit
I have to go to the moon today...

“I have to go to the moon today.. Ill be back in a few days” He said disgruntled

“Are you sure you HAVE to, can’t you just let one of the junior members at the firm go?”

“Unfortunately until I’m made partner I don’t get to make those decision.”

“Well call me when you get there. And take a snack, you always come back from the rocket aggravated because your hunger.”

“I will honey, thank you. You know I love you.”

“I know you do.”

He drove to the launch pad, parked in the economy lot, which required the bus to take him to the landing terminal.

“Why do we always choose to blast off on Monday morning, everyone knows that’s the busiest time” He thought to himself.

After holding his breath because of the man wearing far too much axeX body spray he quickly made his way to line.

“You would think 90+ years after 9/11 they would have made the TSA process faster.” A stranger jokingly said to him.

“Eventually I’m going to cave and go in on the TSA pre-check, I hate taking my shoes off.” He replied

He gathered his belt and shoes, put his laptop back in his bag and headed to rocket.

Surprisingly it wasn’t a completely full cabin and he had the luxury of not having anyone sit next to him. He spread out and relaxed.

The overhead speaker shouted. “Please put your tray tables away and fasten your seat belts, both lower belt and shoulder straps. We are about to lift off. You sir, in the green shirt, shoulder strap as well. ”

“I always hate this part.” He thought

The rocket began to tilt from horizontal to vertical. The blood began to rush to his head as he stared at his shoes as they were now dangling above his head.

People with vertigo were not permitted to fly rocket.

He said a quick prayer. He wasn’t a religious man, but this just always seemed like the right thing to do before lift off.

“Hello, my name is bill, and I’ll be your pilot. The skies are clear but we should expect some turbulence.”

Everyone laughed. You know because it was a rocket, and rockets have turbulence.

“All engines are checked. Fuel is ready. Lets do the count down together.”






*Photo by Mitchell Meeker