Kyle Pettit

Everything is Amazing

Kyle Pettit
Everything is Amazing

You know when you stop and look around at things, it's all pretty great. There's just so much stuff, there's...

  • Beds
  • New Books
  • Old Books
  • Trashbags
  • Advil
  • Cardinals
  • Insulation
  • copper wire
  • Hugh Jackman
  • The word "wow"
  • Colors
  • Lists
  • Bulleted lists

Well, I'm not going to try and list everything on here, because as you can tell there's a lot. It would be nice though if someone somewhere someday would keep a list of everything that is amazing. Which is almost everything, I think. Is that why we made computers? So we don't lose track of everything? It's like a catalog of all things. This list could get complicated, though... Think about it, if you add something to the list, would that addition become its own entry. like...

  • Cereal
  • the list item: "Cereal"
  • the list item: "the list item: Cereal"

See it could get complicated... I'm not even sure this list would be possible to be finite. It could be an infinite list, and who's got time for that? Not me, I don't want that weight on my shoulders. But maybe someone else does! They can feel free to use my list, though. I'll even add a few more for them, you know since everything is amazing...

  • Turtles
  • Sleep
  • Being awake
  • Photos
  • Flags
  • Numbers
  • Singing
  • Singing poorly
  • Door hinges
  • Lightning

Let me know if you’re keeping a list like this. I’ve got a few things to add.