Kyle Pettit

Infinite America

Kyle Pettit
Infinite America

What if America isn't the end goal?

Now, before you start yelling at me that I'm unpatriotic and how dare I say anything but great things about my country, let me say that I love America. I have American flag pants, stand tall during the national anthem, and love a good slice of apple pie. I have family that serves in the military, and I will be forever in their debt for their sacrifice. I understand what a gift freedom is. 

But again I ask, what if America isn't the end goal, what if America isn't infinite?

What if America will eventually fall, just like the Roman empire, and the Persian empire, and the Arab and Mongol and Babylonian, and all the other great world powers that seemed infinite. 

No country, empire, or world power is infinite. They all have expiration dates, America included. So why put our hopes into something that WILL fail?  

I am just suggesting that the president won't be the one to save us. 

Now does that mean we avoid all politics, never vote, because "lets be real, God has it all in control". No. go be an informed voter, just know that whoever we put in office they aren't going to save us. And yes, God does have everything in control. 

"For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God." (Romans 13:1)

Trust me the results of this election will not take God by surprise. Democrat or Republican, Trump or Hillary. Nothing will thwart His ultimate plan. 

What may delay his plan though, is the distraction of his people. As we focus more on the furthering of America than the furthering of the Kingdom.

Just check your hope, is it in "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" or "the Kingdom come"? Our hope and life, as Christians has to be built on the things that are infinite, not the finite. As we do, our attitude in this election, especially in when we relate with people of different political ideologies turns to love rather than hate. Just like Jesus said. (Matthew 5:44).

When it comes to November, a good thing to remember would be.

"It would be a tragedy to get the right president, the right congress, and the wrong Christ. That is a very bad trade off." -Russell Moore (Onward)

All I am suggesting is that maybe we pray a little more and worry a little less as November approaches. And above all let us focus more on The Savior Jesus, than on who will sit in the oval office. 



*Photo taken my myself during OSU victory over Pitt after a rain delay (GO POKES)