Kyle Pettit

14 questions to tell the most about a person (including yourself)

Kyle Pettit
14 questions to tell the most about a person (including yourself)

Answer these questions in full and in complete honesty. You will find a lot about yourself and others by how you answer these, and a lot of the time how hard some of these are to answer.

I have answered the questions for myself. For you, I tried to be as honest as possible, in hopes that my vulnerability encourages you to evaluated yourself honestly as well.


1)   In as much detail as you can give, how does your mind work?

I think things though and think in advance almost to a fault. I find myself creating a version of how I want every situation to go and try to make that happen. My mind is also a relatively balanced mix of intellectual and creative, I don’t swing too far to either side of that pendulum.

2)   In you were an animal, what animal would you be?

A lion or tiger. I tend to be independent, protective, and strong willed. I seem to always be seeking my next adventure and very loyal to those that are closest to me, but it is a small exclusive tribe. 

3)   Besides God, your family, and your country, where do your loyalties lie?

Loyalty for me lies within myself. By that I mean I want my loyalty to remain the same no matter who I am around, or if I am by myself. (That might be cheating the question though), also OSU, Go Pokes!

4)   What do you hate? (“Nothing” is not answer).

I hate insincerity, fake people and going though motions. Most of us can tell when we’re in the presence of an authentic human being, one who isn’t “putting on a show,” they are just true to their humanness. This comfort is felt because in their presence we can sense our own authenticity and we sense the deep peace this authenticity brings. Also my biggest pet peeve is asking questions about a movie during it…

5)   Describe your ability to dance

Goofy is probably the only word. I can keep a beat, and enjoy dancing, but I am not good by any means.

6)   In 10 words or less define intelligence.

Intelligence is the practical manifestation of knowledge and application.

7)   What is your favorite word and define it in your own words.

Faithful: To be true and constant in all my actions no matter who is watching — a loyal and deserving trust. If there is one thing that people say about me at the end of my life, I want it to be, Kyle was faithful- a faithful husband, father and friend, and most of all a faithful servant of Jesus.

8)   Describe your favorite hat.

Grey Patagonia logo trucker hat.

On a deeper level we all wear different hats thought the day, mine go from son to student, friend or employee, steward and servant. At different times I have on different hats. Sometimes it’s that of student, studying hard and doing my best to excel in my studies. Other times it’s just that of friend, trying to make people laugh and being there when they need me most. My favorite hat to wear metaphorically would be servant. It is also the most important and impactful hat I wear. I am here on this rock we call earth to do one thing, proclaim the truths of Jesus, and as I put on the hat of servant of Jesus, I do that. Just as the apostle Paul opens his letter to the Philippians as “Paul, servant of Christ Jesus” I too, want my life to be marked by this calling.

9)   What is your favorite museum and exhibit at that museum that you have been to?

The art institute of Chicago. The collection of Picasso’s artwork/creations in the post-impressionism section. 

10)                   What is your greatest weakness in your character.

My need to be approved. It is something that I have had to battle throughout my life. Many of my actions are to seek recognition and approval. It’s not what others think that matters though, but God thinks of you and what you think of yourself.

11)                   On a scale of 0-100, where would you score your intelligence, and where would others score you.

Self rating- 68

Others rating- 76

12)                  Define “generosity” in your own words.

The giving of one’s time, energy, and/or money with no expectation of getting something in return. The most true form of generosity is giving to someone who CAN’T give anything in return and doing it in secret.

13)                  What regrets keep you up at night?

I don’t have many regrets that have lingered though the years, although I have thoughts that sometimes keep me up. What’s surprising is I’ve realized the things I regret the most, are the opportunities that were placed in front of me and I didn’t take it. I was too scared. I was unsure. I was too busy, too caught in my comfort zone, afraid of what others might think of me, or fearful of failing. Don’t let those be the reason for missing out on something.

14)                   If you had a month and an extra 10,000 dollars how would you spend the extra time and money?

I would travel. Pack my bag and see the world for a month.




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*Photo is from The Skyspace on the campus of Rice University. Highly recommend checking it out!*