Kyle Pettit

I give up.

Kyle Pettit
I give up.

I give up.

Walking with Jesus can be hard.

But it is worth it.

I’m realizing that I have to give up some things if I am going to keep fighting this good fight of faith.

My new year's resolution is to give up.


I give up control.

The idea that I can manipulate my life. Or the narcissistic idea that I am the star of this movie called life. Jesus never called me to take the wheel and drive.

Rather He says “come to me, let's do this together.”

But man do I love to be in control.. But it's so much better that I trust the One who set the world into motion.

The one that moves mountains and tells lightning where to strike.

He’s far better to have in the driver’s seat of my life than myself.


I give up worry.

I graduate in less than six months now. And for the first time, in seven semesters I don’t know where I’ll be next.

The great philosopher Van Wilder once said, “Worrying is like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do, but it doesn’t get you anywhere.” 

Jesus was serious about worry.

He said, “Do not worry about your life...” (Matthew 6:25)

That’s a command, not a suggestion.

This isn’t just some good advice; it’s a direct order from the heavenly commander and chief and is something we cannot ignore.


I give up the short-term mindset.

I’m a sucker for the get-rich-quick game. Always looking for a magic bullet.

In a life devoted to Jesus the long term must be constantly in our gaze.

Abraham waiting years before getting the kid God promised.

Noah built the arc for decades.

David was anointed king then spent years as a shepherd before receiving the crown.

Nothing of lasting value comes quick.

It’s the slow methodical movement of glaciers that carves out canyons.

In the spirit of new year’s resolutions, there is a difference between: “working out to get a summer body” and “working out because that’s who you are.”

I want to be someone who is focused on the long-term


I give up inconsistency.

Being a poser.


A liar at times.

Skipping days reading scripture or at the gym.

I want to be steady.

I want to earn the right to be able to be called reliable.


I give up on apathy.

What I believe is the greatest hindrance to the message of Jesus in America. His people being apathetic.

Worried we may not be politically correct, so we don’t say anything.

I can’t be alone in realizing that I’ve fallen into this trap.



The problem is there is nothing passive or mediocre about God.

His power is beyond measure.

His beauty is beyond measure.

His love for you and me is beyond measure.

Yet, the attitude is often, “Okay, God loves me. That’s great. What’s for lunch?” No. You don’t get it, bro. God loves you. And you’re content with, “That’s great.”

Everything changes when you mean the One that is beyond measure.

I (and maybe you) need to reevaluate what it means to experience God and change my attitude from “that’s great.” to falling on my face in worship.


A lot is going to change in 2017. A new job, new season of life. New President. New _______  you name it. But there is one thing that won’t change, the savior of the world, Jesus.


Because of Jesus, I don’t have to earn my way into good favor with the Father.

Because of Jesus, my life matters for more than just myself.

Because of Jesus, apathy, worry, control and inconsistency are wiped away.


Because of Jesus,

I give up.




*photo by Austin Wright