Kyle Pettit

The Buffer Zone

Kyle Pettit
The Buffer Zone

The Buffer Zone: "The time waiting for a video to load, the grey loading bar on a Youtube video." (2016 KPD, Kyle Pettit dictionary)

We all know that time when you go to watch the latest viral video, when you click on it, and have to wait a few seconds before the buffer has loaded so that you can watch the video without interruption. It can range from instantaneous to a few minutes wait. 

I think a lot of us live in the buffer zone.

What do I mean by that?

I think life lived to the fullest is like high speed internet, no wait, no interruption, just click and go. But we never can live in that high speed internet for long. 

But what slows us down isn't a faulty connection, it's a broken connection. sin. And we are forced to sit and wait for the enjoyment of life. 

I think a lot us live in that buffer zone. 

We sin, we break God's law, and our reaction isn't to run back into the arms of a loving Father, but rather, it is to sit around and wait for a little bit. 

We miss out on a lot of life because of this lost time. 

Think about the time you messed up big time. Was your reaction to immediately open your bible, or pray, or was it to sit around and give yourself some buffer time before going back to Jesus?

We must fight to not live our lives in the buffer zone. Even when you feel completely dirty, when you feel so far gone, when you did the thing you said you wouldn't do again. Jesus wants you. The cross was enough for every sin. 

When you awake from the shock of sin, run as fast as you can back into the arms of a Savior who cares.

You don't need to wait, the cross has already afforded you the right to be deemed pure even when you are the farthest thing from it. 

One of the enemy's greatest strategies to keep us from fulfilling God's purposes is to trick you into thinking guilt is necessary after sin. Guilt is never from the Lord, therefore it never has to be part of your life. 

C.S. Lewis, in his book The Screwtape Letters, takes the point of view of 2 demons talking about how to tempt and trick the believer and says this:

 "There is, of course, always the chance, not of chloroforming the shame, but of aggravating it and producing Despair. This would be a great triumph. It would show that he had believed in, and accepted, the Enemy's forgiveness of his other sins only because he himself did not fully feel their sinfulness - that in respect of the one vice which he really understands in its full depth of dishonor he cannot see, nor credit, the Mercy. But I fear you have already let him get too far in the Enemy's school, and he knows that Despair is a greater sin than any of the sins which provoke it."

Guilt and shame keep us in the buffer zone. And in the buffer zone we do not live into all that God has for us. We MUST fight to look to the cross in every mountain high and valley low. 

Christ finished the work of your salvation on the Cross, that means you have no need to wait to go back to him. We fight against sin always, but when we slip and fall He will always be there to pick us up and say, "Come on, let's keep going."

"If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just and will forgive our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness" (1 John 1:9)

True life isn't found in the buffer zone, so don't live in it.  




*Photo taken by myself at Lower Antelope Canyon (2015)